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 Work can be so unpredictable at this time of year

Spring is just round the corner and for many of you, the winter has been a struggle. Now that there is light at the end of the tunnel, those of you who are employed in more ‘seasonal’ work can begin to look forward to more regular paycheques. However, March is a notorious month where you never know from one day to the next whether you will be working or not, and that can make is seriously difficult to budget and get by.

Additionally, the introduction of the zero-hours contract has the same effect. From one day to the next you have no guarantee of work, it is just a case of waiting for a phone call or text message. Worse still, you have to make yourself available as if you keep turning down work on a zero-hours contract, you’ll end up with no contract at all.

We all need to be able to put a roof over our head and we have a right to be able to feed ourselves and keep warm, but all too often, something has to give, and it is usually heat, followed by food. It is a ridiculous situation as before you know it, you become too unwell to work and the whole vicious cycle begins all over again.

It is for this reason Wage Day Advance businesses were established. They understand that not everyone can actually find work at certain times and, as a consequence some financial assistance is required to get you out of a ‘fix’. It is not a perfect solution, but when banks and building societies have stopped making loans easy to get there has to be a viable and simple alternative for borrowing small sums of money to tide you over between pay days. Pay day loans work well and if managed properly, can become a regular source of support while you make ends meet.

Most providers like to build up long-term relationships with borrowers so that everything can be made as simple as possible and you can take some pressure off your shoulders as you know there is always a source of money available to you in the short term. It means you can avoid struggling at the worst of times and actually enjoy life a little bit more as there is no point in going without completely when a lack of work is not your own fault.

Of course we are here to help others, especially with wage day loans where there has been a bit of a disaster like the washing machine or car breaking down just at the time when you have no spare cash. Use their online services you will be surprised just how quick and simple it is to get money transferred to your bank account, enabling you to pop down to the cashpoint a few minutes later to draw it out.